Pirate Course

Ahoy, mateys!

Sky Pirates of Mermaid Bay’s High in the Clouds Rooftop Mini-Golf Course in Pigeon Forge, TN takes you on an epic journey through a fantastical world of airborne pirate ships, treasure troves, and treacherous swashbuckling challenges. Embark on the “Sky Pirate Style” to infuse more excitement and elevate the complexity of your game as you navigate this extraordinary course.

Embark on a daring expedition through the heart of the pirate realm as you voyage above Mermaid Bay. Engage with buccaneer characters and navigate your way through an array of daring obstacles that stand between you and victory. Every member of your crew will strive to claim the title of the ultimate Sky Pirate on this exhilarating 18-hole course that’s designed to be accessible to all.

Longing for a climate-controlled indoor escapade? View our Mermaid Mini Golf Under the Sea Adventure Indoor Mini-Golf Course!

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