Our Story

The Year is 1690 in a far…. far away land….

In a realm where clouds whisper of adventure and the seas contain secrets untold, Thunderbeard, a fierce and innovative captain commands a notorious band of sky pirates aboard the world’s first and only flying ship, the Smoky Doubloon. With cannons that crackle like thunderstorms, they soar through the skies in search of legendary treasures they can plunder. Their latest target is the mythical Mermaid Bay, a haven of serenity where the Mermaid folk dwell within the magical Mermaid Kingdom. For generations, these mystical beings have safeguarded a hidden treasure coveted by many. With hearts as vast as the ocean and determination as unyielding as the waves, the Mermaid folk vow to protect their cherished treasures. As the Smoky Doubloon’s shadow looms over the glistening bay, the clash between Thunderbeard’s audacious ambition and the mermaids’ steadfast guardianship promises to reshape the destinies of both sky pirates and sea-dwellers alike. Now the decision lies with you, traveler. Will you join the scallywags on Thunderbeard’s crew in search of treasures and glory, or will you dive deep below Mermaid Bay into the depths of the Mermaid Kingdom to help the mysterious mermaid folk guard their sacred treasures and peaceful way of life? No matter what path you choose, their fates lay in your hands, but beware….. the dreaded Kraken is lurking menacingly in the shadows.

Epic Golf Adventure:

Sky Pirates of Mermaid Bay is the World’s first Epic Golf Adventure at a mini-golf attraction. What is an epic golf adventure?

An interactive experience consisting of indoor and outdoor courses, retail, food and beverages all themed together by a single story for the whole family.

Guided by audio, props, and signage, the guests will truly feel immersed in the story while enjoying the timeless pleasures of mini golf.

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